Where In The Church Is The Gospel? (MP3)

Where In The Church Is The Gospel? (MP3)

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In the perfect follow-through to the first part of this series, "The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church", Dr. Rosenbladt shares the essential ingredients present in churches that preach the Gospel and will equip you with the basic tools needed to evaluate a Gospel centered church. These lectures provide healthy food for thought when weighing a church's faithfulness to the Gospel and offer hope for those who may be starving in the post-evangelical famine.

In the second lecture, Craig Parton, Esq. serves up a three-course presentation that is one part personal testimony, one part trend analysis, and one part exhortation. He starts out with his own background in Campus Crusade and then goes on to recount the conversion of a large part of Campus Crusade's leadership to Orthodoxy. He then shares some of his own steps on his journey to Lutheranism and examines in depth the appeal of older church traditions to many evangelicals. All of this is presented within the context of the doctrine of justification.

Both lectures are followed by a delightful question and answer session.