When Good Fathers Die, It's Always Too Early (MP3)

When Good Fathers Die, It's Always Too Early (MP3)

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When Good Fathers Die, it's Always Too Early is a masterful four-part series of lectures by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt that serves as an indispensible guide for those who wish to see the ethos of Lutheran Christianity at its best. This brilliant exposition of the central tenets of Scripture and the Reformation will have you walking in deeper appreciation of your Father in heaven.

Beaming with biblical insight, this 4-1/2 hour presentation is vintage "Dr. Rod". It addresses the Fatherhood of God in respect to the core of the Gospel and our role as earthly fathers following in the footsteps of our heavenly Father. This presentation highlights God's attributes of goodness and love and is resplendent with paternal wisdom. Given from the heart, this series also provides practical insights into Dr. Rosenbladt's relationship with his own father and son.

Each lecture is followed by a compelling question and answer session that illuminates a variety of themes and points from the presentation.

The audio of this presentation is available as four downloadable MP3 files. Use iTunes or your favorite MP3 listening software to make an audio CD. You will definitely want these gems at the ready for years to come.

** NOTE: These have been edited for clarity from the original recordings produced from the Cathedral of the Advent, but all audio is unabridged. The recording for track two appears to have been started after the lecture started - this set contains all the recorded audio available from the presentation.

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