The Word Of The Cross: Martin Luther's Heidelberg Disputation

The Word Of The Cross: Martin Luther's Heidelberg Disputation

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"He is not righteous who does much, but he who, without work, believes much in Christ."

 "The law says, ‘Do this’ and it is never done. Grace says, ‘Believe in this’ and everything is already done."

These and other truths were presented by Martin Luther in his 1518 Heidelberg Disputation. The ideas presented would comfort and give clarity to the consciences of many; yet they would eventually disturb and challenge the foundation of the medieval church.

In The Word of the Cross: Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, Charles Fry presents a theological and historical exposition of this important document, explaining what Luther taught at Heidelberg and why it was so important to him—and to us. The ramifications of his argument have everything to do with the course of human history and with the trajectory and comfort of our own lives.

May Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation be understood, and treasured in our own day for the theological health of Christ’s Church. May it raise up a generation that will boast not in human wisdom and reason, but only in the word of the cross—Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

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About the Author

Charles Fry (M.A. in Theology, Concordia University Irvine) teaches Church History with The Navigators and has spoken in various church and conference settings on the Protestant Reformation. He is the author of A World Upside Down: Four Essays on the Life and Theology of Martin Luther and lives in West Virginia with his wife, Lisa, and their daughter, Heidi.