The Resurrection Fact: Responding to Modern Critics

The Resurrection Fact: Responding to Modern Critics

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As the team did with the book, Making the Case For Christianity (CPH), Drs. Bombaro and Francisco bring together a variety of contemporary Lutheran apologists to respond to a wide array of challenges to the heart of the Christian faith.

Each chapter addresses a specific argument from a popular, non-Christian author and offers a clear and concise rebuttal and argument for the resurrection.

The editors have found able representatives from the disciplines of biblical studies, history, philosophy, and the legal profession to write each chapter.

The book is accessible, written for a broad audience, and is ultimately designed to equip its readers for the apologetics task.

pp. 248

About the Editors

John Bombaro 

Rev. John J. Bombaro, Ph.D. (King’s College, University of London) is a missionary of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, serving as the Assistant Director of Theological Education at the Luther Academy, Rīga, Latvia.

Adam Fransisco

Adam Francisco is executive editor of 1517 Publishing and scholar in residence at 1517. He earned his DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2005 and has taught—and continues to teach—history at Concordia University (Irvine, CA) and Concordia College (Bronxville, New York). His publications include the books, "Martin Luther and Islam," "Making the Case for Christianity," and "The Resurrection Fact." Adam and his wife, Rachel, have four children and live with the swallows in San Juan Capistrano.