The Reformation Then And Now: 25 Years of Modern Reformation Articles Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation

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To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, along with the 25th anniversary of Modern Reformation magazine, over forty articles have been compiled together into one book to offer readers a historical and spiritual walk through the Reformation.

The articles are organized into three sections: The cause, characters, and consequences of the Reformation.

Sample chapters include:

  • The State of the Church Before the Reformation by Alister McGrath 
  • The Shape of the Reformation by Michael Allen 
  • Luther on the Freedom and Bondage of the Will by R. Scott Clark 
  • Who Was Arminius? by W. Robert Godfrey 
  • Predestination and Assurance in Reformed Theology by Michael Horton 
  • Celebrating Calvin: Ten Ways Modern Culture Is Different Because of John Calvin by David Hall 
  • The Journey to Geneva: Calvin and Karl Barth by Peter D. Anders

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