The Pastoral Prophet: Meditations on the Book of Jeremiah
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The Pastoral Prophet: Meditations on the Book of Jeremiah

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When the Lord called Jeremiah to be his prophet, he called a man grappling with insecurities and weaknesses. He made a prophet out of a struggling sinner. God strengthened Jeremiah to preach to his family who betrayed him, his king who wanted him dead, and to false prophets trying to drown out his message. His words speak to you, too.

These devotions based on Jeremiah’s words and experiences are meant to help encourage you as a pastor, a teacher, a church leader, and a parishioner. Watch as Jeremiah holds the mirror of God’s law up to your heart and witness God’s beautiful gospel message as his prophet speaks it directly to you.

pp. 354

About the Author

Steve Kruschel served as a vicar in Lapeer, Michigan. After graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2009, Steve was assigned to serve Grace Lutheran Church in Geneva, NE, and Trinity Lutheran Church in Grafton, NE. He served those congregations for 9 years He currently serves as a pastor at St. John's Lutheran Church in Two Rivers Wisconsin.

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