The New Testament Devotional Commentary, Volume 3: Galatians through Revelation
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The New Testament Devotional Commentary, Volume 3: Galatians through Revelation

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In the third volume of his New Testament Devotional Commentaries Volume 3: Galatians Through Revelation, Bo Giertz returns to the text with his keen insight and love for God’s word and God’s people. This would finish his work as an author that began in the 1930s and continued for five decades.

Taking the principles of Biblical Realism he had learned from his mentor Anton Fridrichsen, with its rejection of both liberal higher criticism and fundamentalist biblicism, Bo Giertz opens some of the most difficult to understand texts in all of Scripture with a simple understanding that this is God’s word for you.

He blends this approach to Scripture with pastoral insight gained from his years as both a rural parish priest in the Swedish countryside and the Bishop of the bustling cosmopolitan center of Gothenburg. His commentary on Revelation is particularly revolutionary.

Appendix: The Bible’s View of Itself and Other Views of the Bible

About the Authors 

Bo Giertz (1905-1998) spent his youth as a militant atheists before his conversion in college set him to become an apologist for the Christian faith, a beloved novelist, pastor and bishop in the church of Sweden. These commentaries were written in retirement after a long life carefully studying both the scriptures and the human soul.

Rev. Bror Erickson serves as pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Farmington, New Mexico. He graduated from Concordia University Irvine in 2000 where he studied apologetics under Dr. Rosenbladt, and Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 2004. He likes to translate the works of Bo Giertz and Hermann Sasse. He also enjoys writing reviews for and critiquing modern culture with the Gospel.

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