The Journal Articles of Hermann Sasse
The Journal Articles of Hermann Sasse

The Journal Articles of Hermann Sasse

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As a companion to Bror Erickson's Witness, where Bror collected Sasse's letters to German Pastors, this project, edited by Matthew C. Harrison, Bror Erickson, and Joel A. Brondos, is a comprehensive collection of Sasse's journal articles and book reviews spanning 30 years.
Hermann Sasse was both confessional and ecumenical. He knew that the Lutheran confession stood in service of the whole church of Jesus Christ. Sasse was no sectarian! These journal articles and book reviews demonstrate both the depth of his theology and the wide range of his ecclesiastical connections. Readers will be treated to see a Lutheran theologian engaging both church and world in a thoughtfully profound way that serves as a model for our own day.
-Prof. John T. Pless
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, IN