The Clothing of the King

The Clothing of the King

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1517 presents The Clothing of the King, an Advent devotional by 1517 contributors. Each day will guide you through the ways we are clothed by our God leading up to the coming of Jesus, a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes on Christmas Day.

Scripture is full of rich references to garments, wardrobes, and robes. We see God cover Adam and Eve’s shame and nakedness with garments of animal skin. We read how God designed and instructed the Israelites on the priestly wardrobe of the Tabernacle. And in the New Testament, we are told how he clothes his children in the righteousness of King Jesus. 

This 1517 Advent Devotional tells stories that describe a wardrobe at once splendid and sin-stained, with fabrics that reveal who we are and cover us all the same. The clothing of the King is tattered and worn and glorious in its incorruptibility. It isn’t ours, yet he gives it to us all the same.

Each entry includes a Scripture reference, a short reflection, and a prayer. Whether you use this as a personal devotional or in a group setting, we pray it provides you with a detailed view of Christ’s robe of righteousness for you.