The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? (Study Guide) E-BOOK

The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? (Study Guide) E-BOOK

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The objective of this study guide is to move readers within a study group, or an individual in private study, to assess (with Bibles open) the truth value and application of cross theology as the biblical model of a healthy Christian life.

To this end, it is divided into eleven sessions corresponding to each of the chapters in the book. For each study session, readers are encouraged to reflect on and discuss major points of the chapter through a series of quoted sections and questions designed to stimulate discussion and critical reflection.

It is the author's desire that The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? and this study guide may increase the student's awareness and appreciation that thier not-so-
great, ordinary faith life is always and forever overcome by the extraordinary grace and forgiveness of the life of the crucified Christ.

About the Author 

Dr. Steven A. Hein serves as Director of Concordia Institute for Christian Studies, an organization that offers auxiliary educational services to Lutheran congregations and church gatherings across the country and in West Africa. He also serves as an affiliate professor at The Institute of Lutheran Theology and Colorado Christian University. He has previously served for over two decades as a professor of Theology at Concordia University, Chicago. 

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