Richard Whately: A Man for All Seasons



Did Jesus Christ really live? What can we know about his life? What about Napoleon Buonaparte? What would happen if we took the same approach to studying the life of Napoleon as some critics take to the life of Christ? The answer is found in 'Historic Doubts Relative to Napoleon Buonaparte' - a tour de force expose of the logic, assumptions, and methodologies of the critics. What Historic Doubts does to the critic's 'Lives of Christ,' 'The Early History of America' does to the documentary theories of Strauss and Baur regarding the reliability of the Bible. The 'assured results' of the critics are not so sure after all. Richard Whately - Oxford scholar, cleric, and social reformer - wrote these two masterpieces in defence of Christianity during an age of scepticism. Craig Parton has written a new biography of Whately.

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