Reclaiming the Reformation: Christ for You in Community

Reclaiming the Reformation: Christ for You in Community

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What treasures of the Reformation can pastors, Christians, and the church make use of today when trying to navigate burnout and scandal? What should a person look for in a church?
In Reclaiming the Reformation, Magnus Persson examines his own journey from popular preacher where church was a party, to the Lutheran faith and a pastor in the Church of Sweden where he relishes the liturgy nourished by its historic roots. Persson relies heavily on Luther’s book On the Councils and the Church to answer this question and explain his journey.

Originally titled Christ’s Church, On the Marks of the Church – Reclaiming the Reformation shows the influence of Bo Giertz but also draws on many different influences from within and without the Lutheran tradition to explain how everything the church does needs to be focused on communicating Christ crucified for you.
The church does this through the Word, the liturgy, and the sacraments. Through these means the soul is nourished and matured to handle the distress and tribulation with which the world harries the church and her people. Here, true rest is found for the souls of pastors battered by the pressure to be the next biggest church in town before they burnout and check out with scandal. 

About the Author

Magnus is a husband, father and grandfather. He is an ordained Verbi Divini Minister and works as a pastor for EFS - a missional renewal movement in the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church. He is also the network co-ordinator of Re:formera and the host for its weekly podcast.

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