Principalities and Powers
Principalities and Powers

Principalities and Powers

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John Warwick Montgomery takes fascinating look at the paranormal, the supernatural, and the hidden things, including prophecy, divination, poltergeist, cabala, extra-sensory perception, fairies, ghosts, astrology, and other bizarre phenomena.

* Prologue. To the Reader Fascinated by the Occult
* Chapter One. But Is It Real?
* Chapter Two. A Bit of Hidden History
* Chapter Three. Cabala and Christ
* Chapter Four. The Stars and the Hermetic Tradition
* Chapter Five. The Land of Mordor
* Chapter Six. God’s Devil: A Ghost Story with a Moral
* Epilogue. Before You Close the Creaking Door
* Supplement: The Church and Demonology

Also includes appendices and indexes.

About the Author:

John Warwick Montgomery is the author of more than sixty books in six languages. He holds eleven earned degrees, including a master of philosophy in law from the University of Essex, England, a PhD from the University of Chicago, a doctorate in protestant theology from the University of Strasbourg, France, and a higher doctorate in law (LLD) from the University of Cardiff, Wales. He is a Lutheran clergyman and an English barrister. He has been admitted to practice as a lawyer before the Supreme Court of the United States and is a practicing avocat, Barreau de Paris, France. Dr. Montgomery is Professor Emeritus of Law and Humanities, University of Bedfordshire, England, and additionally serves as Professor-at-Large for 1517.