Outline - The Two Natures in Christ (PDF)

Outline - Martin Chemnitz - The Two Natures in Christ (PDF)

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"The classic statement of orthodox Lutheran Christology. Demonstrates how the Christology of the Reformation agrees with Scripture, the ancient creeds, and the church fathers... Dr. Preus provides notes at the end of each chapter, indicating the location of quotations in available and modern editions." (publisher's catalog description)

A masterpiece by the great contemporary of Luther. This work has been called "the second greatest work on the person of Christ to come out of the Western church" (second, of course, to Athanasius' On The Incarnation of the Word). A paradigm combination of Reformation exegesis and theological prose.

The book uses technical (Chemnitz says he is forced to use some scholastic philosophical terminology. But he "bends over backwards" to explain his use of words, and he promises the reader that he will use only as much philosophy as is necessary for linguistic clarity-not one word more!

Chemnitz was cognizant of Reformed arguments about "Christ being truly human, a body, and, therefore, not able to be both in heaven and present in the elements of the Supper." And he writes to it, too. But this work is far more than a response to Protestant Platonists. It is a full-blooded Christology founded on the exegesis of key passages. Magnificent! (ed.)

Several chapters have not been outlined and are not included in this set since they were primarily ancillary historical references rather than part of the direct discussion.