Outline - The Case for Christianity (PDF)

Outline - C.S. Lewis - The Case for Christianity (PDF)

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The Case for Christianity is part of C.S. Lewis’ World War II “Broadcast Talks” and is one of the first of the three books that now comprise Mere Christianity. The other two books of Mere Christianity are Christian Behaviour and Beyond Personality: Beginning Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity.

Zillions of English-speaking Christians owe their eternal lives to two books: Holy Scripture and C.S. Lewis’ The Case for Christianity. In a century in which the clergy despised apologetics, this Oxford don realized the need for that enterprise and went at it “hammer and tongs” (Sacrificing any possible promotion at the university as a consequence! Twits!)

In an interview with the editor of Billy Graham’s Decision magazine, Mr. Lewis answered the question, “How would you characterize your writings?” by saying, “All of my books [excluding the scholarly ones on the subject of Renaissance English literature] are evangelistic and apologetic.”