Outline - Justification and Rome (PDF)

Outline - Robert Preus - Justification and Rome (PDF)

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Been told by your pastor that the "joint declaration on justification" ironed out all problems between Lutheranism and Rome? Find a new pastor, one who will walk you through Robert Preus' Justification and Rome, his last book prior to his death.

This is a detailed analysis of how Rome has not moved one single inch from its old "Council of Trent" position on how sinners are saved. To get into this subject can get a little detailed (Think Melanchthon, Article IV in the Apology of the Augsburg Confession - a section that will be discovered by a later generation of scholars to be apostolic and should replace the non-apostolic Book of James in our New Testaments! – Chill out. It's a joke!). This one is a short read.