Outline - Answering the Fanatics Regarding “Take, Eat; This Is My Body” (PDF)


Luther's famous response to all who would take Jesus' "Words of Institution" in any other way but what they look like.

After stating his own argument concerning these words, he contrasts it with the "fanatics'" interpretation of them. He responds to Zwingli's claims, and to those of Oecolampadius. He next sarcastically reformulates their arguments using other words.

Luther responds to their arguments about Scripture's seeming to support only the "material presence" of Christ in the elements. Next, he responds to forms of their arguments which focus on Christ's body being both in heaven and in the Supper at the same time. He then adds the meaning of Christ's present glory and the Supper.

Finally, he deals with their arguments drawn from John 6:63 and John 3:6.

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