Outline - A Reformation Debate (PDF)

Outline - A Reformation Debate (PDF)

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** PLEASE NOTE: This product is an outline/study guide for the book, not the actual book itself.

Bishop Sadoleto wrote to the Genevans and urged them all to "return to the church" and Calvin replies.

A paradigm of Biblical argumentation, Calvin focuses on (1) the two irreconcilable plans of the sinner's justification before the holy God, and (2) on the question, "What is the true church, and how exactly is this established?"

No Christian should fail to read Calvin's exposition here of justification by grace alone through faith in Christ alone on the basis of Christ's blood, death and merits alone. Regardless of what part of the Christian family to which you belong, this book will richen your view of "basic Christianity."

Worth reading if only for Calvin's exposition of the doctrine of justification. Note, as added incentive, that the book is a short one!