Leading Lawyer's Case for the Resurrection
Leading Lawyer's Case for the Resurrection

Leading Lawyer's Case for the Resurrection

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Did Jesus rise from the dead? What happened to the body of Jesus? Are the writers of the Gospels reliable witnesses? The author selects some of the most prominent lawyers of modern times to sift through the evidence on the most influential figure of history. He describes the lawyers' professional backgrounds, outlines their contributions to this 2000-year-old debate and reinforces their conclusions by some careful research of his own.

A compelling case is made for the familiar claim of the Apostles' Creed: 'On the third day he rose again.' While Ross Clifford believes that 'the evidence would convince a court of law,' he argues that we can't leave the matter there. The phenomenon of the resurrection strikes at the very heart of who we are and how we view human existence. Inevitably, we find ourselves asking: What does it mean if Jesus did rise from the dead? How does it affect my understanding of life and death? Where does this understanding take me?

"This book is a modern classic with chapters on the writings of distinguished jurists such as Simon Greenleaf, Lord Hailsham, Norman Anderson, and John Warwick Montgomery. A significant book which every lawyer should read . . ."  -- David Kilgour, MP and Deputy Speaker, Canadian House of Commons

About the Author

Ross Clifford is a former lawyer. He is now an ordained minister and has pastored a number of Sydney churches, the last being Gymea Baptist. He is presently the Principal of Morling College (The Baptist Theological College [Seminary] of New South Wales) and Past-President of the Baptist Union of Australia. He is former Chair of the Australian Lausanne Committee and has recently commenced as Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance and President of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation. He is in much demand as a conference speaker and preacher.