Handing Over the Goods: Determined to Proclaim Nothing but Christ Jesus and Him Crucified

Handing Over the Goods: Determined to Proclaim Nothing but Christ Jesus and Him Crucified

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Many festschrifts (a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar) are meant to simply highlight the academic accomplishments of the honored recipient and his or her students, but Dr. James A. Nestingen is much more than an academic.

Jim’s life and career have involved his calling into multiple vocations. He is a dedicated husband and father, acclaimed academic, beloved teacher, preacher of Christ Jesus, and distinguished author, as well as a friend and much-loved mentor to many. In some cases, he even serves as a surrogate father figure.

The goods being handed over are the Word of Christ Jesus which flows from the lips of one sinner to the ears of another and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, into the heart, thus turning our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. By handing over the goods himself, Jim has influenced many people from a variety of cultural, theological, synodical, and denominational backgrounds. Those who have contributed to this volume represent the diversity of opinions that characterizes Jim’s openness, kindness, and willingness to stretch himself while stretching others.

* Dr. Steven D. Paulson
* Dr. Robert Kolb
* Dr. Mark D. Tranvik
* Dr. Jason D. Lane
* Michael J. Albrecht
* Dr. Ken Sundet Jones
* John T. Pless, MDiv; LLD
* Dr. Marney Fritts
* Dr. Mark Mattes
* Dr. Hans Wiersma
* Rev. Prof. Thomas Aadland
* Dr. Roy A. Harrisville
* Dr. Rod Rosenbladt
* Dr. Scott L. Keith

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About the Editors 

Scott Keith

Scott Keith is the Executive Director of 1517 and Adjunct Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Irvine. He is a co-host of The Thinking Fellows Podcast and a contributor to 1517 and Christ Hold Fast. He is also the author of "Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God’s Grace." He earned his doctorate from Foundation House Oxford, under the sponsorship of the Graduate Theological Foundation, studying under Dr. James A. Nestingen.

Steven Paulson

Professor Steven Paulson has been teaching and preaching for over thirty years and is chair of Lutheran Theology at LHOS. He holds degrees in theology from St. Olaf College, the Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary and the Theological Doctorate from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. He has taught at Concordia College, Moorhead, and Luther Seminary, St. Paul, before coming to Sioux Falls. He is the author of many books and articles, including "Luther’s Outlaw God, Volume 1 and 2."

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