Giant in Chains: China Today and Tomorrow

Giant in Chains: China Today and Tomorrow

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"God is the author of all genuine liberty, for His act on the cross for us provides the only ultimate liberation from our self-centeredness"

-- Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

Tiananmen Square. Two words that will not blow away in the winds of time.

What do they mean to you? Can you make sense of the violence? Do you understand why?

John Warwick Montgomery was there and as an eyewitness provides answers to such questions in his intriguing book, Giant in Chains.

Using his wide knowledge of China, he analyses the various forces that have shaped that country's destiny:

  • the legacy of Imperial China
  • its historical resistance to anything foreign
  • the influence of the three religions of China
  • the checkered history of its Christian church
  • the Chinese brand of Marxism that filled a spiritual vacuum

Out of bloodshed and repression, Professor Montgomery sees a vision of hope for the future.

This latest edition of Giant in Chains contains a number of new theological and apologetics essays that reinforce the arguments of this timely and important book.

About the Author

John Warwick Montgomery is the author of more than sixty books in six languages. He holds eleven earned degrees, including a master of philosophy in law from the University of Essex, England, a PhD from the University of Chicago, a doctorate in Protestant theology from the University of Strasbourg, France, and a higher doctorate in law (LLD) from the University of Cardiff, Wales. He is a Lutheran clergyman and an English barrister. He has been admitted to practice as a lawyer before the Supreme Court of the United States and is a practicing avocat, Barreau de Paris, France. Dr. Montgomery is Professor Emeritus of Law and Humanities, University of Bedfordshire, England, and additionally serves as Professor-at-Large for 1517. He recently earned a Diploma in Basic Chinese Language Studies (Alison, Ireland, in conjunction with Cambridge University).