Encouragement for Motherhood: Devotional Writings on the Work of Christ
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Encouragement for Motherhood: Devotional Writings on the Work of Christ

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Being a mom is hard work! Few of us find that motherhood is what we expected it to be. We mothers all need a little encouragement now and then to get us through the days when things feel a little too difficult and we’re not feeling the joy in our vocation.

This book offers that encouragement, rooted in and focused on Christ. We’re reminded of the work of Christ and the reality that he has established the work of our hands brings hope, peace, and sustainability to our work as mother.

Encouragement for Motherhood is honest about the struggles of motherhood.

Each contributor's words are vulnerable and honest about pieces of their work as mothers. The authors write about their limitations, fear of the future, failures, and relationship dynamics. More importantly, each contributor points to the hope found amid the struggles of motherhood. The hope found is not within the mother. The hope found is freely given to each of us by Christ.

Encouragement for Motherhood will not give you 30 tips and tricks to a more successful motherhood. What it provides is the gospel reminder that you are forgiven and free on account of Christ and his work. Being kept in those unfailing promises of Christ we get to live in freedom. Living in freedom we will fail and ask forgiveness, be confronted by our limitations but held by God, and be fearful yet rest in Christ.

Edited by Katie Koplin