Crisis in Lutheran Theology Vol. 2: The Validity and Relevance of Historic Lutheranism vs. its Contemporary Rivals E-BOOK


Brand 1517

All three volumes of this series deal with the issue of biblical inerrancy (that the Bible is completely true and accurate, not only when it speaks to ideas of religious belief, but also when it speaks about factual elements of history and science, properly understood). This issue rocked the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, prompting the release of the first two volumes.

  • Volume one consists of essays by John Warwick Montgomery himself and is addressed primarily to theologians.

  • Volume two consists of an anthology by eight separate Lutheran contributors and is addressed to laymen as well as professional theologians.

  • Volume 3 is new, never before published material, and consists of essays by Dr. Montgomery outlining a new challenge along the same lines. Dr. Jeffery Kloha suggested a few years ago with the latest critical edition of the New Testament (Nestle-Aland 28th Edition), because of the interchangeability of some variant readings, that we now had a “plastic text”. Dr. Montgomery goes up against this assertion with everything he has. This volume has been issued in a second edition with additional material.

Though obviously addressing themselves primarily to Lutheranism, the materials are, to a large degree, equally applicable to many of the other Christian communions and will be found to be extremely valuable in assessing the needs of a variety of denominations.