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Credo: I Believe E-BOOK

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The creeds of the Christian church are far from empty traditions of a bygone era. They contain the essential teachings of the Christian faith and, as such, are the confession of Christians for all times.

The chapters of this book are concerned with the most basic creed—the Apostles’ Creed. Each addresses a particular article within it and what it means to confess it. Far from being pious artifacts, they are gifts to Christians as they seek to always stand firm in the faith and remain united with Christ in his death and resurrection.

About the Editor

Caleb Keith holds a BA in theology and classical languages from Concordia University Irvine and is currently pursuing an MA in systematic and philosophical theology from the University of Nottingham. He is husband to Erika Keith and father to their two children, Esther and Emerson. He is the producer of the Thinking Fellows podcast and the director of the 1517 podcast network. 

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