Christ Alone

Christ Alone

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In our postmodern, pluralistic world, there are plenty of genuinely spiritual people who consider Christ a way to heaven, or even their way to heaven, but who refuse to acknowledge Him as the only way for everyone. In their estimation, anyone who stresses an exclusive, saving faith in Jesus Christ is at the least intolerant and, at worst, completely ignorant. Yet as Rod Rosenbladt shows in this booklet, there are numerous evidences that support the centrality and exclusivity of Christ. He draws on these here to affirm that even in the face of sophisticated theological attacks, God's Word and Christ's unique claims still hold true.

In defending solus Christus Christians need not disregard the noble words or deeds of unbelievers throughout history. But there is One whose words and works stand far above all others, and whose entire existence proved His exclusive claims. And He deserves not only our worship, but our witness before a lost world.

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About the Author

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt (Ph.D., University of Strasbourg) was a professor of theology at Concordia University, in Irvine, California for over 30 years, and has contributed numerous books and recorded presentations. He is also an ordained minister in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS).

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