Bible In An Hour® (MP3 & PDF)

Bible In An Hour® (MP3 & PDF)

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The Bible is a big book! Actually, it is a mini library consisting of sixty-six individual books. Either way you look at it, the central theme of the Bible remains a mystery to many people. This need not be the case. In the Bible in an Hour audio presentation, veteran Bible teacher Wade Butler will be your guide as he takes you on a panoramic journey through the Scriptures.

Many people know all of the stories in the Bible, but have no idea how they all fit together. It's like they have a string of pearls all loose in a bag, but have never seen the whole necklace. It's like they have all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but have never seen the top of the box. Bible in an Hour will show you the way the pearls are strung together, and finally, finally, you will see the top of the box. -Wade Butler

Bible in an hour contains a wealth of information packed into one succinct presentation. This message will help remove any confusion you may have regarding the overall flow of the Bible. Armed with Bible in an Hour, you will be able to understand the central theme of the Word of God, the only hope for this life and the life to come.

The MP3 version of this presentation is available immediately to download when your purchase is completed. Please keep in mind that the ZIP file you will receive is about
48 megabytes in size, which will mean an approximate 2 hour download over a 56k modem. If you have broadband, it will take only a few minutes.

This presentation comes with PDF charts which are meant to accompany the presentation and are included. Please print them out to get the most out of Bible In An Hour!

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