Bible Flash Cards (PDF)

Bible Flash Cards (PDF)

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The Word of God is foundational in the life and knowledge of the Christian believer, and Scripture memorization is a core spiritual discipline.

New Reformation Press in conjunction with Dr. Rod Rosenbladt has developed a new topical Scripture memory study tool to aid in this discipline. These Bible flash cards are arranged doctrine by doctrine - such as the attributes of God, the doctrine of Christ, the doctrine of man, sin, salvation and many more - all with the pertinent verses on the opposite side. 220 Scriptures in all.

There is simply no better way to gain a grasp on these doctrines than to memorize the bedrock Scriptures upon which they are based.

Flash card memory systems are already proven to be one of the most effective means to learn and retain information. These cards will help anyone memorize key verses - no matter if you're a layman, seminary student, pastor, priest, elder, deacon, deaconess, or bishop, you can expect your retention of Scripture verses to be highly improved.

We are certain you will find our Scripture memorization flash cards simply to be one of the most effective Scripture and Gospel memorization tools available.

Available in KJV, ESV and NASB translations.

The downloadable cards come as PDF files which will allow you to print your own flash cards on your inkjet or laser printer. (We recommend you review the specifications on your printer to make sure it can take a thicker paper stock.)