An Uncompromising Gospel: Lutheranism's First Identity Crisis and Lessons for Today


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Martin Luther with preached and written word unleashed the unconditional and uncompromising gospel of God’s love for sinners in Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. He exposed both man’s lost condition and Christ’s unfathomable love with unrelenting persistence and unmistakable clarity. Bound in sin, only Christ could set the sinner free, and Luther held Christ before his students, hearers, and readers.

That message marked and formed his students and coworkers, and yet after his death bitter disputes broke out about some of the most central aspects of his theology. Debates cut to the very heart of the Reformation, and this while its future hung precariously in the balance. An Uncompromising Gospel highlights Luther’s key theological teachings, details the controversies that broke out over them after his death, and provides important lessons for our own day, as Christians still struggle to grasp and hold forth the love of Christ for sinners dead in trespasses and sins.

As Lutheranism in specific and Christianity as a whole struggle to find and articulate their identity in challenging times yet once again, An Uncompromising Gospel provides helpful reminders about what the chief task and message of the church are and ought to be as it presses forward in God’s grace and with the good news of Christ Jesus.

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About the Author

Dr. Wade Johnston serves as assistant professor of theology at Wisconsin Lutheran College and is cohost of the podcast Let the Bird Fly. His numerous publications include A Path Strewn with Sinners and An Uncompromising Gospel, also published by 1517. 

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