An Introduction To Philosophy (MP3)

An Introduction To Philosophy (MP3)

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This course aims to help the student examine fundamental questions on the nature of the universe, and human participation in it. Particular stress is placed on the answers offered by great thinkers through the ages. These answers are evaluated rationally, and in the light of Biblical revelation, in order to understand the principles of a Biblical worldview in comparison and contrast with other world views. This course will help you learn to articulate a reasoned defense of the philosophical foundations of a Biblical worldview. These lectures were given at Patrick Henry College in the spring of 2008.

Titles and Lengths:
01 What Is Philosophy? - 55:04 min
02 Metaphysics I - 41:42 min
03 Metaphysics II - 42:34 min
04 Metaphysics III, Epistemology I - 34:40 min
05 Epistemology II - 49:50 min
06 Ethics - 53:24 min
07 Philosophy Of Science - 39:30 min
08 Aesthetics - 52:00 min
09 Philosophy Of Religion I - 49:54 min
10 Philosophy Of Religion II - 37:09 min