All Charges Dropped!  Devotional Narratives from Earthly Courtrooms to the Throne of Grace (Volume 2)
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All Charges Dropped! Devotional Narratives from Earthly Courtrooms to the Throne of Grace (Volume 2)

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So many charges, so little forgiveness.

So much fear, so little trust.

So many chains, so little freedom.

So much guilt, such great condemnation.

Such great thick volumes of the law, so few pages granting pardons.

This was my day in, day out reality as I worked in the courtrooms as a Certified Court Interpreter. You will enter the courtrooms. The narratives will almost make you believe you are present in the audience. You will follow divorce proceedings, murder felony trials, kids appearing in juvenile hall for truancy, drug trafficking in the schools, and more serious matters.

All these narratives become jumping boards for entering the greater courtroom. Here we must all appear before the judgment seat of God. And all our narratives and stories end here, because a new narrative begins. Not our own, but that of Another, our Substitute, our Attorney, our Judge, all in One, Jesus Christ the King of forgiveness!

In this courtroom, forgiveness overwhelms the charges. Trust casts out all fear. All chains are unshackled, as the Word of absolution breaks all fetters. "Your sins are forgiven" is the thread that binds all narratives in this devotional. The law gives way to the Gospel.

Each story takes us from the earthly courtrooms where we hear mostly sentencing and condemnations, to the heavenly throne of grace. Here, the Judge of the Universe has only one Word: "Forgiven!" But how, on account of what law? Or on account of whom? You will see the answer clearly spelled out in each of the narratives of All Charges Dropped! Forgiven sinners walk away in total freedom, at this jaw dropping declaration of grace from the Judge of the universe. At God's Word, no guilt remains!

About The Author

Haroldo Camacho is retired and lives with his wife, Mercedes, and son, Orlando, in Davie, Florida. He obtained his doctorate from the School of Theology at Claremont in 1991 and served many years as a Certified Court Interpreter with the Judicial Council of California. He has translated Luther’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians (1535) to both Spanish and English. The English commentary is available through 1517 Publishing.