A History of Christian Apologetics: Defending the Gospel Through the Centuries (MP3)


Brand 1517

The history of apologetics, from Paul on Mars Hill to CS Lewis at Oxford. Learn how Christians have defended the faith as each age has levelled attacks upon it, and how relevant the master apologists of the past are to our contemporary witness for Christ and the Bible.

MP3 Titles included in this 16 part set:
The Apologetic Task I - 56:41 min
The Apologetic Task II - 59:27 min
Scriptural Approach to Apologetics I - 42:12 min
Scriptural Approach to Apologetics II - 55:13 min
Validity of Offering Evidence - 29:32 min
Prophecy and Miracle - 37:36 min
Approach of Augustine I - 48:59 min
Approach of Augustine II - 56:40 min
Approach of Thomas Aquinas - 71:57 min
Summarization of Traditional Proofs - 78:16 min
Apologetics in the 17th Century - 76:55 min
Butlers Apologetic - 55:23 min
Apologetics in Modern Times - 59:36 min
Apologetics of John Henry Newman - 45:29 min
Contemporary Apologists I - 49:41 min
Contemporary Apologists II - 72:18 min

Includes PDF Study Guide