2004 Apologetics Academy (MP3)

2004 Apologetics Academy (MP3)

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Featuring Dr. Rosenbladt, Pastor Mallie, Pastor Cwirla and Craig Parton, Esq., this series is available in parts - each approximately 2-hour lecture in two 1-hour MP3s - or you can save 20% on the entire 12 MP3 set!

Lecture 1

Christ Alone: The Only and Sufficient Savior

Dr. Rod Rosenbladt
122 minutes

Christians make the bold claim that Christ is the only way to God. This claim is a common objection to Christianity. In this seminar, Dr. Rosenbladt makes the case that Jesus Christ is unique, as the only savior of this world, and he is the sufficient savior of this world. What does the Bible say about Christ as the sole and sufficient savior? How do Christians make the case for the exclusivity of Christ in our post-modern, relativistic age where any claims of truth are met with scrutiny? How did the Reformers address these questions? And, how do we as Christians make the case that Christ’s exclusivity is indeed true? These are a few of the questions Dr. Rosenbladt addresses.

Lecture 2
The Bible: Its Authority and Reliability

Pastor Charlie Mallie
129 minutes

Non-Christians find the reliability and authority of the Bible doubtful, and the dependability of the Bible must be firmly established before they will believe the promises that the Bible contains. Why do Christians believe that the Bible is God’s Word? Having cut his teeth evangelizing on the street, Pastor Mallie takes the listener through the “dos” and “don’ts” of evangelism, particularly related to the topic of the reliability and authority of the Bible by providing a historical perspective on the validity of the New Testament.

Lecture 3
Sin: Original and Actual

Pastor William Cwirla
122 minutes

What is the place of the doctrine of sin in apologetics? Why should we even spend time talking about sin? Are we sinners or are we saints? “The wages of sin is death,” according to St. Paul. The revealed law and doctrine of sin tell us the truth about who we are. If unbelievers don’t understand the depth of their sin, they won’t understand their need for salvation. And to fail to distinguish the Law and the Gospel properly is to fail to understand either. This is a great discussion that is applicable to both believers and unbelievers alike.

Lecture 4
The Problem of Evil

Pastor Charlie Mallie
116 minutes

The ‘Problem of Evil’ is considered by some the best argument against Christianity. The argument often goes something like this: ‘Why would a good good, who is all powerful allow evil to happen?’ How this question is answered can often do more harm than good? How should Christians address this touchy subject? Pastor Mallie goes through how to address this problem as well as arguments that ought to be avoided.

Lecture 5
Truth and Relativism: Christian Faith in a Post-Modern World

Pastor Charlie Mallie
92 minutes

In a day in which the idea of truth itself is in question, how do we as Christians make a claim for the truth of Christianity. Post-modernism is the breakdown of objective meaning, and, unfortunately, post-modernism is the philosophy of our culture. The primary claim of Christianity is that it’s true. How do we make such a case in a world that no longer believes in objective truth? In this talk, Pastor Mallie addresses some of the cultural issues that Christians face.

Lecture 6
Law and the Skeptics: A Cross Examination of Religious Truth Claims

Craig Parton, Esq.
104 minutes

Craig Parton, a trial lawyer by trade, applies legal analysis to religious truth claims. Some of the questions he will address include the following: What is the attraction of lawyers to religious truth issues? What is the interest in applying legal analysis to religious truth claims? And why look at Christianity from the eyes of legal evidence? Coming from the legal world, Parton offers a unique and intriguing perspective.