T-SHIRT: Virtue In The Wasteland "EVERYTHING Is Going To Be OK."


Though it is not their primary vocation, for the last few years Dan and Jeff have been doing their very best to podcast civil courage and hope in an often hopeless and scary world. Introducing interesting people and resources and demonstrating the art of conversation is normal -- sometimes on subjects so dark and treacherous that without that conversation with skilled Sherpas as guides, and a good "defense against the dark arts" we can all become blind to face of God in our neighbor, fear imagined threats and ignore the real ones. As we struggle to be neighbors and serve each other, the podcast is also a reminder that our ultimate hope is in Jesus and His victory -- the only real anchor point in this wasteland.

The picture, a woodcut by Albrecht Durer entitled, "Melancholia" shows modern man in the midst of his troubles as he lives life "under the sun". "EVERYTHING is going to be OK" is the tag line for the show and points to the ultimate victory over those troubles. (John 16:33)

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