Unsavory Grace from an Unsavory Lord

Robert Farrar Capon made the excellent point that the parables of Jesus need to be understood as riddles—riddles that, when […]
October 04, 2017 by Dr. Steven Hein

God’s Final Sentence and Judgment

All Scripture points to the suffering of Christ Jesus. As Jesus says (Luke 24:46-47), Scripture holds up a picture of […]
September 19, 2017 by Donavon Riley

Luther’s Bondage of the Will: An Uncompromising Gospel

Luther’s Bondage of the Will has made people uncomfortable since he wrote it, even people in his inner circle. Luther […]

Look Upon the Tree

Here’s a dose of optimism for you. It comes from Henry David Thoreau writing beside Walden Pond when this nation […]
August 11, 2017 by David Rufner

Find True Christianity in the Verbs

First, the elephant in the room. All my articles are about Christ for you as gift. In fact, you would […]

Jesus Doesn’t Need You to March for Him

Last week in our local 4th of July parade, our church’s float (which consisted of a tight three piece band, […]

The Promised Future

On a recent Sunday in my congregation, it was The End Of The World as we know it (REM).  Well, […]

Mind The Gap Between Dreams and Reality

They didn’t say anything about this in the books, I thought, as the snow blew in through the gaping doorway […]

When God Becomes A Tropical Fish

Men, alienated from their God, behave violently. What is the value of money, beauty, and status if we believers are […]
June 13, 2017 by Donavon Riley

When the Last Becomes First, and First Becomes Last

The Book of Esther was written while the Jews were in captivity in Persia. Why were they there? They had […]